Winter 2018 CS 217A Project Guidelines

Here are some guidelines on the expectations and scope of your term project for CS217A.

Please form a project team and pick a project topic ASAP. Ideally the team should be 2-3 people in size, although solo effort or 4-people team area also fine. Please inform the instructor before you start working on a project.

The project proposal is due 9:00PM Friday February 16, 2018. The proposal does not need to be long (2-3 pages are adequate). It should describe clearly what the team plans to do, identify the key issues in carrying out the project, together with a schedule of major steps, and a reference list of previous results/related work if they exist. Please remember to include the email addresses of all the project team members in the proposal submission.

I will provide a quick response to your proposal by 9:00PM Monday February 19, and discuss with your team any suggested revision on your plan. Once your proposal is accepted, you should get your project launched right away. We are planning on a project presentation during the last week of winter quarter.

You may not be able to complete the project by end of this quarter. Nonetheless each project team is expected to submit a project report by 5PM March 23 (the last day of Winter 2018 quarter), summarizing what your team has accomplished. For people who plan to take CS217B in spring, they have time to complete the project by end of spring quarter. For people who plan to further develop the project as their MS capstone projects, they just need to finish before graduation.

Please email me the project proposal and the report before the specified deadline. The deadline will be strictly enforced.

The tools and applications you build are expected to make a contribution to the NDN development. To succeed, one needs to devote a significant amount of effort into the project. I will be available for discussions and input, and you should also feel free to seek help from the contact person of each project topic (as I listed in the topic discussion slides). Moreover, all projects should strive for leading to a workshop or conference paper submission. Some near term opportunities are

Here is a summary of project schedule and grading breakdown

Choose a topic and team ASAP
Project Proposal due 9:00PM Friday Feb 16 5%
Project presentation Last week of class (time TBD) 15%
Project report due 5PM Friday March 23 10%

This term project counts for 30% of your course grade. The percentage values in the table are the percentage towards your final course grading.