Spring 2017 CS217B

Advanced Topics in Internet Research: Named Data Networking

Instructor: Lixia Zhang Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 - 11:50AM

Office Hours: Thursday 5:30 - 6:30PM, or by appointment via email

Prerequisites: CS217A

Contents: This graduate networking course has two primary objectives:

  1. bringing graduate students to the frontier of networking research, and
  2. improving students' research skills through case stuides.
The specifics vary from year to year. In spring 2017 quarter, we aim to achieve the above two objectives through a thorough examination of Named Data Networking (NDN), a proposed future Internet architecture. The plan is to go through the literature on NDN to gain a deep understanding of its design and design tradeoffs, contrasting and comparing with the existing TCP/IP Internet protocol architecture. In parallel with in-class literature discussion, the students will conduct NDN related term projects to develop new NDN applications and toolsets, as well as to evaluate NDN security and other aspects of the architecture.

Each lecture session will have one or two assigned readings, that we will all read prior to class and discuss during the class. Reading the papers is essential to get the most out of this course. To make sure everyone put serious effort into the reading, students will present papers in class and a late midterm will be based on the readings.


This course has one midterm and has no final exam :-)

Paper Presentations: Student paper presentations start from 5th week. Each student will select one primary lecture session where he/she would like to present a paper. Please email your presentation selection to the instructor by 11:59PM Sunday April 21.

Term Projects: 50% of the grade for the course will be based on your term project. The project will require a serious effort, some form of implementation and measurement, in-class presentations of the final outcome, and a final project report of about 10-20 pages. The project should be a team effort with 2-3 people per team. Please see the project guideline for more details.

Grading Breaddown:

In class paper presentations20%
Term Project 50%
TOTAL 100%

Grading Rules: Overdue assignments will not be accepted for credit.

Text Book: There is no required textbook for this course. There are weekly reading assignments. There is also a list of recommended readings.