CS 31 Fall 2017 Enrollment Information

The major code restriction has been lifted from CS 31. Enroll yourself on MyUCLA in CS 31 or CS 97.

Do not miss the first day of class on Friday, September 29.

CS 31 has MANDATORY midterm exams from 6 to 7:50 p.m. on two Thursdays, October 26 and November 16, 2017. Do not take CS 31 if you will have a midterm conflict with another class with a midterm at the same time.

Save some money by reading this note about the textbook.

Should I take CS 97 or CS 31?

You should enroll in CS 31 if you have written the following in any programming language:

Otherwise, you should enroll in CS 97, Principles and Practices of Computing, a new course designed to give students without prior programming experience the necessary background to succeed in CS31 and beyond.

Unlike past years, Fall CS 31 will assume you have the prior experience indicated above. If you do not have this prior experience, you are likely to find CS 31 rough going. Since we have taught thousands of students and you haven't, you should trust our judgment.

But my friend says CS 31 doesn't require any experience, since the basics will be taught in class. Your friend is talking about CS 31 as it was before the existence of CS 97. That is as irrelevant to the current situation as My grandma says to always carry a quarter in case you're stuck somewhere and need to use a pay phone is. The world is different now.

But taking CS 97 will put me a quarter behind other people as a CS, CSE, or CE major. Only for a short time. There's enough flexibility in the curricula for these majors for someone who takes CS 97 to have caught up by the fifth quarter; this is an insignificant difference. Remember, some students start UCLA with credit for several quarters of calculus, and some don't. We've had plenty of students before who have switched majors to CS after taking CS 31 in Winter or Spring and finished in four years. (Of course, they had been taking the right math and physics courses in their original major.) So "starting behind" is a non-issue.