CS 32 Spring 2019 Enrollment Information

Do not miss the first day of class on Monday, April 1.

Until at least February 28 and perhaps a week or two later, CS 32 is restricted to certain majors; at some point after everyone has had their second pass appointment and we have gotten some answers about room availabilities and the like, the major restrictions will be lifted. We will not be giving out PTEs for CS 32 before the end of the first full week of classes (but you will still have access to the course web site). Do not email the instructor asking for a PTE. Use this request form before the class begins; after that, listen for announcements in class. Make sure you attend class April 1, 3, and 5.

CS 32 has MANDATORY midterm exams on two Thursdays, April 25 and May 23, 2019, between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Do not take CS 33 if you will have a midterm conflict with another class with a midterm at the same time.

If you want to enroll in CS 32 for Spring 2019, but are unable to get into the class or onto the wait list, if any, submit this form to record your interest in taking the class. Check MyUCLA or the Schedule of Classes first, so that you don't pick discussion times that will conflict with your other classes.

(Just so you know, CS 32 will be offered in Summer 2019 with as large an enrollment capacity as is needed to accommodate everyone.)

Our accepting this form is not a promise you'll get in; it's merely a way for us to capture your contact information for any announcements and to measure demand to add discussion sections at appropriate times in preparation for issuing PTEs at the end of the first full week of classes. We will contact you when there is relevant news to report. Essentially, we're asking you to please leave us alone — if it were just you (singular), we wouldn't have to say that, but you (singular) wouldn't believe how many of you (plural) there are, flooding our mailboxes with similar messages. Historically, everyone who has wanted to get into CS 32 and has come to class every day the first week has gotten in.

The form is not yet available. Check back around February 21.