Assignments for UCLA Computer Science 33, Spring 2015

Submit your assignments electronically on CCLE.

You are expected to do your assignments by yourself. You can share ideas and discuss general principles with others in the class, but all the code and text that you submit must be your own work, and do not share it with others. Please see Grading for more details. Consult a TA or the instructor if you have any questions about this policy.

Your programs must behave robustly. Among other things, this means they must avoid arbitrary limits on the length or number of any data structure, including symbols, strings, and line length. It is OK to impose a non-arbitrary limit, e.g., because your computer runs out of memory or because of the limited range of data types, but it is not OK to impose an arbitrary limit, e.g., a limit of at most 255 characters in an identifier.

Please stick to coding styles used in the course material rather than inventing your own style, as this saves work for the grader.

Assignments are due by 23:55 on the specified date (i.e., five minutes before midnight).

The assignment names and due dates are given on the syllabus; these are tentative and may be adjusted as the quarter progresses. The assignments themselves are made available on CCLE as the quarter progresses.

Please see the grading policy for how assignments are treated when late.

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