Sending email to Paul Eggert

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Please send me text mail as plain text. Use a brief, informative Subject: header, so that I can handle your message efficiently. Identify yourself in your From: header; a cryptic header like From: won't do.

Please avoid fancy features like quoted-printable and base-64 encoding, rich text, multipart messages, long signatures, and the like, unless they're really necessary, as they hinder high-volume mail processing. Viruses, spam, and embedded advertisements are never necessary, so don't send them under any circumstances. Also, please try to avoid documents in proprietary formats. For example, I don't use Microsoft Word, so a Microsoft Word document might be problematic for me to decode.

If you're not sure how to configure your email client to follow these guidelines, please practice by sending yourself a letter and then examining all the bytes in the resulting message with your favorite source inspector. For example, if you use Thunderbird to read your mail, you can use Ctrl+U.

My email address is below.

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