Alumni Advisory Board Meeting

October 22, 2009
6:30-900 PM
UCLA Faculty Center


Adnan Darwiche, Alfonso Cardenas, Mike Erlinger, Bill Goodin, Andrew Louie, Carey Nachenberg, Frank Pearce, Maria Penedo, Jim Winchester, Ben Zamanzadeh, Alexander Shkapsky, Beayana Grigorian, Sky Lin

Department Update Highlights

Student Groups
Two representatives represented the undergraduate CS organizations and one represented the graduate CS student body. Student representatives reviewed an overview of their organizations and also current student projects being undertake by students.

Beayana Grigorian: UPE
Sky Lin: ACM
Alexander Shkapsky: Graduate Students

AAB 2009/2010 Events

Decisions Made
Board approved the Bylaws draft pending recommended corrections and final written vote by the members.
A new board activity was adopted by CS AAB to help organize company tours for the students and student groups.

Action Items