idmUCLA Lineage

  • dbUCLA Study Group was an extension of current dbUCLA seminar, and was proposed by Fusheng Wang based on many members' ideas. It was organized by Fusheng Wang in Summer 2003, Shaorong Liu in Fall 2003, and Yi Xia in Winter 2004.
  • dbLunch meeting was initially proposed and organized by Murali Mani
  • Yi Xia ( created a dbUCLA mailing list for dbUCLA group. The address is with the following configuration. The current dbUCLA mailing list is maintained by Richard Ka Cheung Sia from Prof. Cho's group.
  • dbUCLA logo was designed and created by Victor Liu. You are absolutely free to use these logos in your web pages or slides.
  • Peter Schultze ( helped connect dbUCLA home page to department web server. Thanks to him, now dbUCLA has a URL
  • dbUCLA web site was first designed and has been maintained by Dongwon Lee from 2000 to Spring of 2002. dbUCLA was then maintained by Fusheng Wang from Summer 2002 to Summer 2003.
  • Current Webmaster: Shaorong Liu (Fall, 2003 - Present).
  • dbUCLA was renamed to idmUCLA in 2005 and the website was revamped by Raymond Pon.

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