Friday Keynote Speaker: Jason Nazar, CEO

Prizes: 10 iPads, potential $20K investment...

UCLA 48hr Startup (open to the community) brings together people with technical, design or business background to share ideas, form teams, build products and launch startups.

On Friday night during the 48hr startup event, participants arrive motivated to start new technology companies.  Some attendees bring just enthusiasm to join a startup, or an idea for a startup or pre-built technology. (Some first time participants volunteer their hacking skills for 48hrs in order to learn what it takes to start a startup.) The pre-built technologies and startups are usually at early stages; technical feasibility and business models are unproven. They pitch ideas during the open mic session and inspire others to join their team.  Participants vote on which ideas will become the focus of the weekend and decide which teams they want to join.

During the weekend participants with a technical background write code for prototypes, designers create branding and user interfaces, business people model potential revenue sources and test marketing strategies, and everyone engages potential customers.

Saturday mentors help teams move their ideas forward by questioning business model assumptions and providing business insights.

Sunday night teams deliver an investor pitch and a prototype demonstration to an esteemed panel of judges made up of notable investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs and professors which will provide feedback and advice. The top team receives prizes.