I am a Research Assistant Professor (Research Scientist and Lecturer) in the UCLA Stein Eye Institute and a Research collaborator at the UCLA Center for SMART Health and the UCLA Wireless Health Institute. My work on mobile and human-centered computing is situated at the intersection of computer science, cognitive science and the health sciences. My main interests ranges from algorithm design and optimization to data analytics and machine learning, particularly focusing on medical informatics and mobile health applications.

Currently, I am utilizing the mobile technology to investigate the effects of various visual impairments on quality of life in affected individuals. I am the founder of the Project EyeSee, in which I am designing a new wave of interactive, context-aware, and augmented reality-based apps that significantly improve the quality of life in people with low vision and cognitive deficits. The design of EyeSee apps follows a user centered approach that enables the users to be involved in all the phases of the development.

I received my B.Sc. degree from Sharif University in 2007. I earned my M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees both in computer science from UCLA in 2010 and 2012. My doctoral research led to the development of the UCLA Smart Insoles, a mobile computing platform that has been used in multiple clinical trials for gait analysis, activity monitoring, and plantar pressure measurement. My Ph.D. was followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in which I was a principal investigator of an NIH-funded study to investigate the risk of falls in glaucoma patients. I have served on the Technical Program Committee for several conferences in the fields of human-computer interaction, mobile computing, and data analytics. I am a named inventor on three US patents, two of which have been licensed and moving towards commercialization. I am the recipient of the Edward K. Rice Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, UCLA Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research, Alcon Young Investigator Award, and the Vodafone Wireless Innovation Award. I have received unrestricted gifts from influential companies such as Google and Symantec for pursuing end-to-end collaborative research.

My masters and Ph.D. supervisor was Prof. Majid Sarrafzadeh. My postdoctoral fellowship was under the supervision of Prof. Kouros Nouri-Mahdavi.

Research Interests

The core areas of my research include Wearable Sensing Platforms, Mobile Computing, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics.

Core Areas of My Research and their Applications

The rapid advancement of sensors, electronics and wireless communication technology has brought rise to a research area called Mobile Health. This field aims at delivering solutions in healthcare that are not only resolved by technological gadgets, but by the efforts of many people in Engineering, Computer Science and Medicine, resulting in 'End-to-End Research in Mobile/Wireless Health'. I am developing theory and methods, designing and implementing prototypes, and evaluating the effectiveness of interactive multimodal physical-digital systems such as touch-based devices, depth-cameras (e.g. Kinect), wearable and ubiquitous computing (Head-Mounted Displays such as Google Glass and Vuzix M100), as well as mobile devices, to introduce them as a support for critical settings such as healthcare. In the past my research interests spanned over different aspects of embedded system design including data-intensive computing and system-level optimization. These research challenges are regarded as some of the major obstacles that largely compromise the technology advancements for wireless/mobile health applications and next generation biomedical systems.

Word Cloud of My Research

The interdisciplinary nature of my research results in collaborations with researchers across a large number of domains. I am actively collaborating with physicians, nurse practitioners, network architects, software engineers, mobile computing experts, information and networking theorists, security experts, computer architecture professionals, and policy leaders.

The following is a list of academic institutions with which I am currently collaborating or have collaborated in the past.

List of Academic Collaborators