The innovative solutions that I have developed and my corresponding findings and efforts made by students I mentored have undergone clinical trials and commercialization processes. Transforming such systems into products helps to benefit not only the research community, but more importantly, individuals who are in need of new monitoring, diagnosis and rehabilitation schemes. In particular, our promising results on gait analysis as well as sitting/sleeping posture monitoring stimulated the UCLA Wireless Health Institute to found an on-campus company, named MediSens Wireless, to bring the technology to market.

If you are interested in licensing any of the inventions below from UCLA, please contact UCLA Office of Intellectual Property.


[P06] Methods and Systems and for Longitudinal Retinal Health Management, UCLA Case No. 2016-297-1, Sept. 2016.

[P05] Augmented-Reality-Based Vision Enhancement Methods, UCLA Case No. 2015-423-1, Oct. 2015.

  • Reported by The Huffington Post and TechRepublic in 2016
  • Pitched at the Social Innovation Summit and the Global Humanitarian Technology Conference

[P04] Methods And Systems For Calculating And Using Statistical Models To Predict Medical Events, UCLA Case No. 2014-430-1, Dec. 2014.

[P03] Methods and Systems for Calculation of Gait and Foot Clearance Parameters with Shoe-Worn Inertial Sensors, UCLA Case No. 2014-105-1, Jun. 2014.

[P02] Exercise-Based Entertainment and Game Controller to Improve Health and Manage Obesity, UCLA Case No. 2009-496, Application Number: US 13/427,738, Publication Date Apr 11, 2013.

  • NPNG™- No Pain No Game™
  • Recently licensed to a NantHealth LLC.
  • Reported by the news page of the China Pinetree company

[P01] Method of Assessing Human Fall Risk Using Mobile Systems, UCLA Case No. 2009-383-2, Application Number: US 13/378,937, Publication Date Apr 19, 2012.

  • PACE™- Clinical Gait Assessment System™ - Trademark of MediSens Wireless Inc.
  • Granted FDA approval to start clinical trials in Spring 2012
  • Reported by LA Times and Chicago Tribune in January 2010
  • Clinical trials at UCLA Stroke Center, Neurosurgery Department, and Stein Eye Institute
  • Reported by Google Research in May 2013