Active Funding

1) Principal Investigator, EyeSee: Mobile Technology for Vision Enhancement and Rehabilitation, Vodafone Foundation (2017-2020).

2) Principal Investigator, Mobile Technology for Neurological Vision Loss, Alcon Laboratories (2016-2018).

3) Principal Investigator, Machine Learning Methods for Gait Assessment of Patients with Peripheral Vision Loss , National Institute of Health (NIH UL1TR000124, 2016-2017)

4) Co-Investigator, 4. Machine Learning Classifiers for Assessment of Visual Function, National Institute of Health (2013-2018)

Past Funding

1) Principal Investigator, A Deep Learning Network for Retinal Image Classification, Processing, and Analytics, Fight for Sight, 2014-2015.

2) Principal Investigator, Real World Gait Assessment of Glaucoma Patients, Clinical and Translational Science Institute (2013-2014)

3) Co-Investigator, Machine Learning Algorithms for Sleep Posture Analysis, NantHealth LLC.

4) Consultant, Protecting Wireless Medical Devices, National Science Foundation, CNS1116371.


1) Principal Investigator, Promoting Mobility in Persons with Low Vision through Intelligent Sensing, Processing, and Analytics, Bright Focus Foundation (2018-2020)

2) UCLA Principal Investigator, Gait and Sway Biofeedback to Reduce Falls in Patients with Severe Visual Field Loss, National Health Institute, R21 (WSU PI: H. Ghasemzadeh, 2018-2021)

3) UCLA Principal Investigator, Automated Analysis and Machine Learning Classification of Medication Adherence, National Health Institute, R21 (2018-2021)

4) Principal Investigator, Large-Scale Image Recognition: From Cloud Data Centers to Wearable Devices (NSF Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering, 2018-2021)

5) Principal Investigator, Augmented Vision for Patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Research to Prevent Blindness (2017-2019)

6) Principal Investigator, Intelligent Instruction Systems using Augmented Reality, Karl Kirchgessner Foundation (2018-2019)

7) Co-Investigator, Machine Learning Classifiers for Glaucoma Detection, National Institute of Health (2017-2022)