Smart Insoles for Ubiquitous Gait Monitoring


Gait analysis is an important medical diagnostic process and has many applications in rehabilitation, therapy and exercise training. Standard human gait analysis tests are performed in sophisticated gait labs and operated by a medical professional. This traditional method increases the examination cost and decreases the accuracy of the natural gait model. We have designed a wireless and portable system, called Smart Insoles, to address these issues. Smart Insoles represent a computing platform with wireless communication capabilities in an unconventional form factor that can enable entirely new ways of interacting with computing systems and the environment.

Smart Insoles Transmit Pressure, Acceleration, and Gyroscopic Data


Smart Insoles integrate low cost sensors (e.g., textile-based pressure sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers) and compute important gait parameters. In this way, patients or users can wear them for gait analysis in daily life instead of experiencing the artificial settings of gait labs for hours. With this new wireless insoles, not only can gait analysis can be performed in an accurate and ubiquitous manner, but it can be extended to many new applications such as fall prevention, activity monitoring, sports training.

In one project, we are quantifying the effect of gait variability as a risk factor for falls by utilizing the Smart Insoles.

Smart Insoles Gait Analysis Software


This wireless system enables long-term continuous monitoring in order to evaluate and enhance the quality of proprioception among all individuals and in particular, the aging population.