I have gained extensive teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels as a teaching assistant, teaching associate, teaching fellow, and instructor many courses at UCLA and Sharif University. More significantly, I have been actively involved in development of new courses, as well as redesigning existing courses, making them more student-friendly and closer to real world applications. Such courses include:

Sharif University:
  • “Introduction to Programming” course, Fall 2005
  • “Data Structures” course, Spring 2006
  • “Introduction to Programming” course, Fall 2006
  • “Computer Organization” course, Fall 2005
  • “Computer Organization” course, Fall 2006
  • “Microprocessors” course, Spring 2006
  • “Computer Architecture” course, Spring 2006
  • “Computer Architecture” course, Fall 2006
  • “Logic Design Laboratory” course, Fall 2007
  • “Logic Design Laboratory” course, Winter 2008
  • “Logic Design Laboratory” course, Spring 2008
  • “Logic Design Laboratory” course, Fall 2008
  • “Computer Engineering Capstone” course, Winter 2009
  • “Logic Design Laboratory” course, Spring 2009 (Head Teaching Associate)
  • “Computer Engineering Capstone” course, Fall 2009
  • “Logic Design Laboratory” course, Winter 2010 (Head Teacher Associate)
  • “Logic Design Laboratory” course, Spring 2010 (Head Teacher Associate)
  • “Introduction to Programming” course, Fall 2010
  • “Logic Design Laboratory” course, Spring 2011 (Head Teacher Associate)
  • “Logic Design Laboratory” course, Fall 2011 (Head Teaching Fellow)
  • “Computer Engineering Capstone”, Winter 2012 (Head Teaching Fellow)
  • “Wireless Health” course, Winter 2013 (Guest Lecturer)
  • “Wireless Health” course, Winter 2014 (Guest Lecturer)
  • “Biomedical Data Analytics” course, Winter 2015

Fall 2012 E87 Students

Spring 2010 CS152A Students