Ani Nahapetian

Ani Nahapetian, Ph.D.



Ani Nahapetian is a Professor with the California State University, Northridge Computer Science Department. She received her Ph.D. and her M.S. in Computer Science and her B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA. She has been affiliated faculty with the UCLA Computer Science Department and has been a researcher with the UCLA Wireless Health Institute and the University of Bologna Micrel Lab. She has served on numerous technical program and organizing committees in her field. She has over 65 peer-reviewed publications, a DAC best paper nomination, and a MobiCASE Best Paper award. Her research interests include mobile and hardware security, mobile and wearable computing, and algorithm design for embedded systems.

UCLA Teaching:

  • CS 31: Introduction to Computer Science I
  • CS 33: Introduction to Computer Organization
  • CS M51A/EE M16: Logic Design of Digital Systems
  • CS 111: Operating Systems
  • PIC 10A: Introduction to Programming
  • PIC 20A: Principles of the Java Language with Applications


  • Hardware-Based System Security - Circuit characterization in the presence of variability, hardware security countermeasures, hardware metering technology
  • Mobile Computing and Wireless Health Systems - Mobile computing infrastructure, wearable computing, wireless medical devices, end-to-end health sensor system design and development
  • Algorithm Design for Embedded Systems - Energy minimization techniques for emerging technologies, reliability techniques for real-time embedded systems, scheduling for reconfigurable and heterogeneous systems