Drunk Detection

(2012) In this project, we detect alcohol usage by analyzing gait anomalies from smartphone sensor data. We hope the sensing data can assist in identifying problem drinking behaviors in the future, such as drinking before work or before driving.



(2012) Activity-Level Power Metering System. This project aims to disaggregate energy consumption to a higer sementic level - that is the "activities" people engage in within their everyday lives (ex. cooking, watching TV, etc). By sensing activity-level energy consumption, we hope to enable enegy feedback that is more connected to the content of users' daily lives. The system is implemented by deploying a wireless sensor network in real homes to collect energy usage data. An activity-inference module then infers activity-energy consumption.
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(2011) ThermalProbe is an extension of HeatProbe. ThermalProbe disaggregates energy consumption to the per-user level. With users wearing a thermal tag emitting unique signals, the system tracks individual users by decoding the thermal signals. The power consumption of each appliance is than attributed to the user operating the appliance to calculate per-user power consumption.



(2011) Saving energy is an important issue. However, most people are unaware of where and how their energy is spent. This work aims to break down energy consumption to the applicance level to provide more understandable feedback to everyday users. HeatProbe leverages a thermal camera to track appliance heat signals and disaggregates energy consumption to the appliance level. This work was accepted by UbiComp'11 (acceptance rate 16%).

convenience probe


(2010) This is a phone-based system to collect consumer shopping data for trade area analysis (i.e., where a store's customers come from) of convenience stores. An energy-efficient data collecting mechanism is implemented. The data was uploaded and analyzed in the backend server, which automatically delineated the trade area of each store with various visualizations. This work was recently accepted by IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine.


Take it easy RFC

(2014 January) A picture says a thousand words. Getting tired of reading though all plain-text RFCs? Who said we must read RFCs in such a dry and boring way? Reading RFCs can be fun. Let us use different style to read it!


I Love Software Art

(2011 fall) This is the final project of Multimedia Analysis and Indexing, and we implemented a Content-based image retrieval(CBIR) system for software art. The system can help user to find similar software art images based on preference settings.
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led cube

LED Cube

(2010 spring) The final project of Computer System Labortary. We use 5x5x5 LED lights to construct the cube, and use DE-II electronic board to control its animation, including raining effect, simulatig two atoms bump to each other, water fall effect, and last but not the least, end with the campaign "LED CUBE IS AWESOME"!



(2010 spring) Yamatsuki is a story happened within Tang Dansity. One government official treated the poor in cruel manner, people were hurted or even killed in different ways. One day he couldn't stop his impulse to run to the forest, when he got there, he found he had already become a tiger. He had no opportunity to change for the better refers, even worse, he could only continuing killing more people... This video was taken as the final project of Contemporary East Asian Literature. I was the director of the film.


Java For Beginner

(2009 summer vacation) This is a teaching material for NTU CSIE camp. Most senior high students or even some of CS freshmen are afraid of programming since "codes" are too abstract for them. This slides not only covers basic java statements, but also use animation to demonstrate a clear flow how java code is processed and operated. Most students gave me very positive feedbacks after the lecture I gave, and showed understanding of concepts of for-loop/function within 3-hour course.



(2014 January) Cool six-direction snake game. This is another trial to make playing snake game even more interesting and intuitively. SnakeFruit game is developed in Android platform, this app was built in Hexathon Codeday 2014 within 24 hours with my teammates Junaid and Jaeyoung) We also implement AI. Can you beat them? Try it!


Hex Snake

(2013 summer) Most versions of Snakes are for 4 directions. But check out your keyboard carefully, you may find there are 6 adjacent keys to each key! How interesting or how hard if Snake can go for 6 different directions? Give yourself a challenge.

csie night

Gun, Blood & Rose

(2008 spring) A propaganda video of CSIE Night 2008. NTU CSIE Night Event is an yearly activity for CSIE students, which includes bands, shows, dances, etc. The topic of that year was "Gun, Blood and Red Rose."