Christopher Robles

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My name is Christopher Robles. I am a PhD student at UCLA in the Department of Human Genetics working under Sriram Sankararaman.

My academic interests include computational genomics, population genetics, ancient DNA, machine learning, statistical modeling, complex traits. I am currently working on projects that develop and utilize statistical methods to analyze large genomic datasets from modern humans and ancient homonids.

I am also interested in predictive algorithms for sports analytics, and am working on a project to predict NBA free agent salaries with the Bruin Sports Analytics Club.

I am also involved in the DataRes at UCLA Club acting as project manager for a project creating a dashboard for Clean Consulting at UCLA to dynamically display statistics and predictions from energy usage data collected in dorms at UCLA.

I am also passionate about inclusion and diversity in STEM fields and higher education. My colleagues and I founded UCLA's Association for Multi-Ethnic Bioscientists' Advancement (AMEBA).