Courses Required


81 to 83 units depending on which Physics series and which computing course is completed

Normally offered F, W, Sp unless otherwise noted

Consult Curricula & Courses at for detailed course descriptions.

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31A Differential Calculus 4 units
31B Integration & Infinite Series 4 units
32A Calculus of Several Variables 4 units
32B Calculus of Several Variables 4 units
33A Linear Algebra & Applications 4 units
33B Differential Equations 4 units
115A Linear Algebra 5 units


20A General Chemistry-Structures 4 units
20B General Chemistry-Energetics 4 units
20L General Chemistry Lab I 3 units
30A Organic Chemistry 4 units

PHYSICS (H designates honors course)

1A or AH Mechanics 5 units
1B or BH Oscillations, Waves, Electric & Magnetic Fields 5 units
1C or CH or Electrodynamics, Optics & Special Relativity 5 units
EE 1 Physics for Electrical Engineers 4 units


1 Evolution, Ecology, & Biodiversity 5 units
2 Cells, Tissues & Organs 5 units
3 Introduction to Molecular Biology 5 units
4 Genetics 5 units


PIC 10A Introduction to Programming (C++) 5 units
CS 31 Introduction to Computer Science I 4 units
PIC 10B* Intermediate Programming 5 units (W,Sp)
PIC 10C* Advanced Programming 5 units (Sp)
CS 32* Introduction to Computer Science II 4 units

*Only for Bioinformatics and Computers & Biosystems Concentrations majors.