Artificial Life Showcase

A review of our recent work on the ALife and biomechanical simulation of humans.
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Human Simulation. Each virtual pedestrian is an autonomous, highly-capable individual resulting from comprehensive cognitive, behavioral, locomotive, and perceptual modeling.
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Communications of the ACM article on "Artificial Life for Computer Graphics".
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ALife Journal article on artificial fishes.
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"Cousto"AVI Movie (79.1MB) | "Go Fish!"AVI Movie (52.7MB)
"Preying Behavior" AVI Movie (17.8MB) | "Schooling Behavior" AVI Movie (26.0MB)

ALife-V article on perception and learning in artificial animals.
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Locomotion Learning Demos | Perception Demos

SIGGRAPH paper on "Cognitive Modeling" - advanced AI for ALife agents.
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Demo: Duffy the Merman in "The Great Escape"

Deformable organisms: An artificial life approach to medical image analysis.
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Demos: Hamarneh's Deformable Organisms Page

Demetri Terzopoulos