I prefer to be contacted by email at "dt at cs•ucla•edu". Regrettably, I often receive a greater volume of email than I can answer promptly, or even at all; my apologies.

If you are interested in joining my research group, thank you. Please refer to the following FAQ:

May I join your group as a visiting scholar?

Only if you have your own financial support. However, I currently advise many graduate students and the UCLA Computer Graphics & Vision Lab is more or less filled to capacity, so I must be highly selective in accommodating visitors.

May I become your graduate student?

I will ignore mass emails, but if you believe that we have substantial common research interests, then tell me about yourself in a personal email message. Please don't send me a big message with lots of attachments; instead, place your CV and other materials on your website and send me a brief, plain-text introductory message with URL pointers to relevant materials. If I am impressed by your interests, background, and accomplishments, I will probably reply to your message and encourage you to apply for admission into our CS graduate program. Please understand, however, that I personally cannot offer you admission, so don't ask. Unlike some other schools, graduate admissions in the UCLA Computer Science Department are decided not by any individual member of the faculty, but by our Graduate Admissions Committee on a competitive basis taking into consideration the entire applicant pool in any particular year. To be considered for admission, you must submit a formal application. If you would like to apply, please follow the instructions given here.

Would it be possible for me to obtain financial support?

Our Graduate Admissions Committee can offer financial support fellowships only to a few of the highest-ranked PhD applicants to whom they offer admission. Most of our PhD students support themselves through departmental teaching assistantships (TA) beyond their initial year of support through research assistantships (RA). Most of our graduate students also do paid summer internships at companies.

Unfortunately, my available RA funds are currently committed to existing PhD students, but there may be some new RA funding available in the area of medical image analysis.

What is the status of my application for admission into the CS graduate program?

Please inquire with the Computer Science Graduate Student Affairs Office at gradadm@cs.ucla.edu; Tel: 310-825-0060 or 310-825-6830; Fax: 310-206-8133.

I have been admitted to UCLA. May I join your group of graduate students?

Please arrange to meet with me so we can get to know each other better. However, before I can agree to take on a new PhD student, which is a serious, long-term academic commitment, and allocate space for them in our lab, I normally expect them to take one of my graduate courses and impress me with the quality of their work.

I am an undergraduate or graduate student at another university. Can I do an internship in your group at UCLA? (attn: students in India)

Not unless you have your own financial support. At any given time my existing research funds are generally committed to my current students and postdocs, so I unfortunately cannot offer you any financial support. My apologies, but if you do not indicate in your message that you have full financial support and/or send a bulk email not addressed specifically to me, I will not bother to reply as I get too many such queries.

Demetri Terzopoulos