Bertinoro Computational Biology 2018

September 30th - October 5, 2018
University Residential Center
Bertinoro (Forlž-Cesena), Italy

Statistical and Computational Genetics

Vast amounts of information about genotype, phenotype, and the in-between-ome now exists, and the richness of such data will continue to increase. How can we use these data to understand how genetic variation translates into phenotypic variation, and how this translation is affected by the environment?

This is a central question in medical genetics, breeding, and evolutionary biology, and it already poses an enormous statistical and computational challenges, challenges that will only continue to grow.
The purpose of this meeting is to bring together experts from statistics, genetics, and computer science in order to discuss these and the future challenges, focusing on methodologies, with the vision that in the near future we will have to cope with orders of magnitude more data than current datasets.

Topics discussed will include:
  • Phenotype-genotype associations in plants and animals, including human disease
  • Rare variants, gene-gene, and gene-environment interactions
  • Integration of genotype and other omics, including methylation, RNA expression, metabolomics, etc.
In the tradition of earlier Bertinoro Computational Biology Meetings, invited speakers will present new results in an environment that promotes informal, interdisciplinary discussion. The schedule is unhurried with lots of coffee breaks. A selected number of PhD students will also be invited, please let us know if you have someone that you want to suggest.