I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles Computer Science Department where I am advised by Miryung Kim.

The vision of my research is to build systems that improve developer productivity through automated debugging and testing of big data analytics. Broadly, I am interested in designing novel tool support for data-centric software development. My approach combines insights from software engineering, distributed systems, and databases. My past work has focused on interactive and automated debugging for Apache Spark, symbolic execution based test generation for dataflow programs, and performance debugging in Apache Spark. Recently, I have been collaborating with the ML group at UCLA to investigate automated testing for deep neural networks.

I have collaborated with a variety of researchers from different sub-fields of computer science, including Tyson Condie, Todd Millstein, Madan Musuvathi, and Harry Xu.

gulzar cs.ucla.edu | Google Scholar | Github | LinkedIn