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Harry Xu

   Professor (on leave 2022-2023 working on BreezeML)
   Office: Engineering VI, Room 496A
   Computer Science Department
   Samueli School of Engineering
   University of California, Los Angeles
   harryxu at cs dot ucla dot edu



Recent News

Four papers (Hermit, Bamboo, Canvas, and Gemel) all accepted to NSDI'23. Congrats to Chenxi, Yifan, John, Pengzhan, Arthi, and all collaborators!

Selected to be an ACM Distinguished Scientist.

Subgraph morphing accepted to EuroSys'23!

MemLiner awarded a Jay Lepreau Best Paper Award at OSDI'22!

Four SOLAR members graduating from UCLA: Chenxi joining ICT@CAS as Associate Professor, Jon joining U of Toronto as Assistant Professor in Teaching Stream, Arthi joining Harvy Mudd as Assistant Professor, and John joining BreezeML as its founding Director of Product. Congrats to all!

Promoted to Full Professor at UCLA!

MemLiner and Upgradivor accepted to OSDI'22. Congrats to Chenxi, Haoran, and all collaborators!

A RINGS grant funded to support our work (with Ravi Netravali@Princeton and Zhihao Jia@CMU) on general and intelligent video analysis for 5/6G!

Both Mako and PSan accepted to PLDI'22. Congrats to Haoran, Hamed, and all collaborators!

A Cisco grant awarded to support development of VQPy, a language for general and intelligent video analysis!

Yifan won an Amazon Fellowship! Congrats, Yifan!

Both Yashme and HeteroGen accepted to ASPLOS'22. Congrats, Qian, Jiyuan, and Hamed!

QDiff (a differential testing framework for quantum software stacks) accepted to ASE'21. Congrats, Jiyuan!

Another (sole-PI) grant funded to support our work on offline inference for online systems (a fundamentally different approach to ML-for-Systems). Thanks NSF!

Graspan (with GPU and CPU backends and disk support for scalable static analysis) accepted to TOCS! This is a nice summary of our four years of work on building scalable graph systems for sophisticated static analysis! Congrats, Zhiqiang and the team!

A medium grant funded (with Miryung Kim and Khanh Nguyen) to support our effort of reinventing the kernel's data plane for remote-memory applications. Thanks NSF!

Our vision paper on User-defined Cloud (UDC) accepted to HotOS'21. We advocate a cloud-in-your-pocket approach for future cloud development.

Dorylus (our first paper on affordable AI system) accepted to OSDI'21! Congrats to John and Yifan (co-lead authors), Jon, Shen, and collaborators!

Both Chianina and JPortal accepted to PLDI'21! Congrats to former postdoc Zhiqiang (now a prof in Nanjing U.) and his students!

Jaaru accepted to ASPLOS'21! Congrats to Hamed!

Received an Alibaba Innovation Research (AIR) Award to support our research on developing program analysis techniques for datacenter applications. Thanks Alibaba!

Semeru accepted to OSDI'20! Congrats to Chenxi, Haoran, Shi, Yuanqi, and Zhenyuan! 2 years of building. Hooray!

Another grant (with Ravi Netravali) awarded from NSF CNS to support our research on highly adaptive video analytics (over cameras with a wide range of resource profiles).

A sole-PI grant awarded from NSF CNS to support our research on Big Data over resource disaggregation (with Chenxi being a senior personnel). Congrats, Chenxi!

SATUNE accepted to OOPSLA'20. Congrats, Hameed!

Both Auto conflict detection of IoT apps and JShrink accepted to FSE'20.

Reducto (our first video analytics paper!) accepted to SIGCOMM'20. Congrats to Yuanqi, Arthi, and Pengzhan!

Crafty accepted to PLDI'20.

PerfDebug accepted to SoCC'19.

Both Niijima and Gerenuk accepted to SOSP'19. Congrats to Christian, Cheng, and Khanh!

Panthera accepted to PLDI'19. Congrats to Chenxi!

Grapple was accepted to EuroSys'19. Congrats to Zhiqiang, John, and Kai!

Our first IoT paper Vagilia was accepted to SEC'18! Congrats to Rahmadi and Bojun!

RStream was accepted to OSDI'18! Congrats to Kai, Zhiqiang, John, and Tim!

Invited to give a talk at ETH Workshop on Dependable and Secure Software Systems.

About Me

I am a Professor in the Computer Science Department of University of California, Los Angeles. In 2017, I worked at Microsoft Research as a Visiting Researcher where I created and led the development of a project that built an optimizing compiler (Niijima, SOSP'19) for Microsoft's Scope/Cosmos, a multilingual data analytics pipeline. I worked at IBM T. J. Waston Research Center as a Co-op/intern from 2008 to 2011 where I led the development of a series of runtime bloat detection/performance optimization tools for IBM's enterprise Java customers (PLDI'09, PLDI'10-a, PLDI'10-b).

My research is in the general area of computer systems, ranging from programming languages and compilers, to runtime/operating/distributed systems and computer architecture. My current focus is on two areas: (1) infrastructures for future cloud computing (in particular, user-defined cloud) and (2) infrastructures that provide cheap scalability for ML applications (i.e., affordable AI).

I was one of the first academic researchers working on the problem of ``software bloat'', which eventually led to ONR's TPCP program. I also spearheaded the direction of optimizing large-scale data analytics with PL techniques. Our Yak GC (OSDI'16) was reimplemented and used by Huawei to power their telecommunication applications. Due to these contributions, I was awarded the 2018 Dahl-Nygaard Junior Prize, which is awarded each year to a junior researcher that has made promising contributions to the field of object orientation.


o   Publications

Current Projects (Some Recent Papers)

o   VQPy: Object-Orientation for Modern Video Analytics

o   Systems for Affordable Machine Learning (SIGCOMM'20, OSDI'21, NSDI'23-b, NSDI'23-c)

o   Systems for Resource-Disaggregated Datacenters (OSDI'20, PLDI'22-a, OSDI'22-best-paper, NSDI'23-a, NSDI'23-d)

o   System Design for Emerging (Datacenter) Hardware (PLDI'19, PLDI'20, ASPLOS'21, PLDI'21-a, ASPLOS'22-a, ASPLOS'22-b, PLDI'22-b, OSDI'22-b)

o   IoT Usablity and Security (SEC'18, FSE'20-a)

o   Graph Systems for Static Code Analysis and Other Workloads (ASPLOS'17-a, ASPLOS'17-b, OSDI'18, EuroSys'19, PLDI'21-b, TOCS'21, EuroSys'23)

o   Big Data Systems and their Runtime Support (SOSP'15, ASPLOS'15, OSDI'16, ASPLOS'18, SOSP'19-a, SOSP'19-b)

o   Software Bloat Detection and Optimization (ECOOP'15, PLDI'18, FSE'20-b)

Research Group

o   Christian Navasca (Ph.D. student starting Fall 2018; REU'17; Cum Laude 2018; UCI Outstanding Contribution to Research Award)

o  Haoran Ma (Ph.D. student starting Fall 2019, Summa Cum Laude and Excellent Undergraduate at Tsinghua, co-advised with Miryung Kim)

o  Yifan Qiao (Ph.D. student starting Fall 2019, Amazon Ph.D. Fellow 2022, Magna Cum Laude at Tsinghua, co-advised with Miryung Kim)

o  Jiyuan Wang (Ph.D. student starting Fall 2019, Tsinghua Xuetang Talents Scholar, co-advised with Miryung Kim)

o  Shi Liu (Ph.D. student starting Fall 2020, Guo Moruo Scholar at USTC)

o  Pengzhan Zhao (Ph.D. student starting Fall 2021, Excellent Graduate of XJTU, co-advised with Ravi Netravali)

o  Shan Yu (Ph.D. student starting Fall 2022, Excellent Graduate of ZheJiang Univ., Intel DRA Award)


o   Chenxi Wang (PostDoc 2018-2022, first employment: Associate Professor, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

o   Jonathan Eyolfson (PostDoc 2018-2022, first employment: Assistant Professor in teaching stream, University of Toronto)

o   John Thorpe (Ph.D. 2022, first employment: BreezeML Inc.)

o   Arthi Padmanabhan (Ph.D. 2022, first employment: Assistant Professor, Harvey Mudd College)

o  Usama Hameed (M.S. 2022, first employment: Apple)

o   Yuanqi Li (dropped out of Ph.D. due to startup)

o   Khanh Nguyen (Ph.D. 2019, first employment: Google & Assistant Professor @ TAMU, Google Ph.D. Fellowship, Facebook Ph.D. Fellowship Finalist)

o   Kai Wang (Ph.D. 2019, first employment: Research Scientist @ Facebook System&Infrastructure)

o   Zhiqiang Zuo (PostDoc 2015--2018; Assistant Professor @ Nanjing University)

o   Lu Fang (Ph.D. 2017, first employment: Research Scientist @ Facebook AI)

o   Keval Vora (Ph.D. 2017, Co-advised with Rajiv Gupta, first employment: Assistant Professor @ Simon Fraser University)

o   Shen Teng (M.S. 2021, first employment: Amazon)

o   Gaohong Liu (M.S. 2021, first employment: RED (Xiaohongshu E-commerce))

o   Cheng Cai (M.S. 2020, first employment: Facebook)

o   Bojun Wang (M.S. 2019, first employment: Arista Networks)

o   Guanzhou Hu (CSST 2019, currently Ph.D. student at UWisc)

o   Tim Nguyen (B.S. 2017, first employment: Facebook)

o   Aftab Hussain (M.S. Fall 2017)

o   Matthew Hartz (B.S. 2015)

o   Jianfei Hu (M.S. 2015, first employment: Google)

o   Chengxi Li (2017 summer intern from Beckman High, college: Berkeley CS)

o   Emily Hu (2016 summer intern from Northwood High, college: Berkeley CS)

o   Lawrence Xu (2016 summer intern from University High, college: Purdue CS)

o   Louis Zhang (2014 summer intern from Troy High, college: Berkeley CS)

o   Ankur Gupta (2014 summer intern from University High, college: Regent's Scholar at UCSD CS)

o   Wendy Wei (2013 summer intern from University High, college: MIT CS)

o   Allen Min (2012 summer intern from Whitney High, college: UCI CS)

o   Jonathon Tsai (2012 summer intern from Whitney High, college: UCI CS)


o   CS 239: Large-Scale Machine Learning Systems (Spring 2020)

o   CS 111: Operating Systems (Spring 2019, Winter 2020, Winter 2021)

o   CS 214: Big Data Systems (Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Fall 2020)

Released Software Systems

Why I Believe

I am a Protestant Christian. I regularly attend and help with several campus fellowships at both UCLA and UC Irvine.

Contact Information

harryxu at cs dot ucla dot edu

Engineering VI, Room 496A
Computer Science Department
BOX 951596, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1596
Work: 310-794-7145

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