CS 239 Fall 2018, Paper List

Distributed Storage Systems


General-Purpose Data-Parallel Engines


Batch-Processing Languages and Systems


Scheduling, Resource Management, etc.



Streaming Data Processing Systems



Graph Processing


·       One Trillion Edges: Graph Processing at Facebook-Scale, A. Ching, et al. (VLDB 2015)

·       GraphX: Graph Processing in a Distributed Dataflow Framework, J. Gonzalez, et al. (OSDI 2014)

·       Pregelix: Big(ger) Graph Analytics on A Dataflow Engine, Y. Bu, et al. (VLDB 2014)

·       Scalability! But at what COST?, F. McSherry (HotOS 2015)

·       GraphChi: Large-Scale Graph Computation on Just a PC, A. Kyrola, et al. (OSDI 2012)

·       X-Stream: Edge-centric Graph Processing using Streaming Partitions, A. Roy, et al. (SOSP 2013)

·       GridGraph: Large-Scale Graph Processing on a Single Machine Using 2-Level Hierarchical Partitioning, X. Zhu, et al. (USENIX ATC 2015)

·       Arabesque: a system for distributed graph mining, C. H. C. Teixeira, et al. (SOSP 2015)

·       RStream: Marrying Relational Algebra with Streaming for Efficient Graph Mining on A Single Machine, K. Wang, et al. (OSDI 2018)


Systems for Large-Scale Machine Learning



Memory Management for Big Data Processing


·       A bloat-aware design for big data applications, Y. Bu, et al. (ISMM 2013)

·       FACADE: A Compiler and Runtime for (Almost) Object-Bounded Big Data Applications, K. Nguyen, et al. (ASPLOS 2015)

·       Broom: Sweeping Out Garbage Collection from Big Data Systems, I. Gog, et al. (HotOS 2015)

·       Trash Day: Coordinating Garbage Collection in Distributed Systems, M. Maas, et al. (HotOS 2015)

·       Interruptible tasks: treating memory pressure as interrupts for highly scalable data-parallel programs, L. Fang, et al. (SOSP 2015)

·       Taurus: A Holistic Language Runtime System for Coordinating Distributed Managed-Language Applications, M. Maas, et al. (ASPLOS 2016)

·       Yak: A High-Performance Big-Data-Friendly Garbage Collector, K. Nguyen, et al. (OSDI 2016)

·       Simple, fast, and safe manual memory management, P. Kedia, et al. (PLDI 2017)

·       Skyway: Connecting Managed Heaps in Distributed Big Data Systems, K. Nguyen, et al. (ASPLOS 2018)