Joseph Noor

I am a PhD student at UCLA. My research interests include, but are not limited to, mobile + scalable distributed computing, health analytics, probabilistic reasoning, effective sampling, and (in general) computer systems design and architecture.


UCLA Networked and Embedded Systems Lab

Graduate Student Researcher

Under the IoBT (Internet-of-Battlefield-Things) and CONIX (Computing on Network Infrastructure) centers, my research has shifted towards designing and building adaptive systems. The overarching goal is to impart self-awareness into distributed cloud-edge systems, such that they may be resilient to environment dynamics at runtime. To this end, I developed a macroprogramming abstraction (DDFlow) which enables high-level succinct application expression, enabling flexibility in system execution. After a brief stint in ensuring resilience to timing errors, my work now focuses on creating fundamental systems techniques to observe, learn, infer, and adapt to optimally maintain low-latency applications residing at the edge. (Javascript, Python, Java, iOS, Android)

January 2018 - Present

UCLA Scalable Analytics Institute

Graduate Student Researcher

As part of the Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge project, developed an optimized sensor storage platform that provides near-optimal write throughput. Introduced Nanoflow, a full IoT/mobile system for providing efficient sensor analytics at the edge. Due to the unique nature of sensor data processing in the highly limiting mobile environment, Nanoflow's key abstraction is the dataflow programming paradigm, which enables effective code re-use and an intuitive programming environment. (Java, Android, Javascript)

January 2015 - January 2018

NVIDIA GPU Architect Intern


Researched cache optimizations. Updated internal cache simulator to model current GPU architecture. Explored transaction reordering and compression algorithms for the next generation architecture. (C++)

September 2014 - December 2014

UCLA Concurrent Systems Lab

Graduate Student Researcher

Explored interconnect networks and datacenter applications. Studied and improved upong previous work on a hybrid wired/wireless on-chip interconnect network. Considered new topologies, flow control and adaptive routing. Modeled ideas on a modified Garnet network simulator (C++)

April 2014 - September 2014

Physical Chemistry Lab of Dr. Louis Bouchard

Research Assistant

Worked in device integration and automation. Created a program to integrate hardware devices used for electron microscopy. Automated search/scan algorithms using feedback loops. Tuned program based on hardware limitations to maximize scan speed. Integrated with visualization tools. (C++, Matlab)

September 2012 - March 2014

UCLA Center for Domain Specific Computing

Research Assistant

Worked in simulator development. Ported an old SPARC architecture simulator with a specialized accelerator setup to a new x86-64 simulator. Created custom instruction for an LCA device that can use DMA, send CPU interrupts, and perform specialized functions. (C++, Python)

July 2012 - Sept 2012


University of California, Los Angeles

Doctor of Philosophy
Computer Science

GPA: 4.0

June 2015 - Present

University of California, Los Angeles

Masters of Science
Computer Science

GPA: 4.0

September 2013 - June 2015

University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelors of Science
Computer Science and Engineering

GPA: 3.80

September 2009 - June 2013


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • iOS Swift
  • C++
  • Java
  • Android
  • SQL
  • DDFlow
  • GoodClock
  • Nanoflow
  • Pebbles
  • Baggins
  • Loop
  • Triangle Budgets


I truly believe that the iPhone is the most impactful and interesting invention of my lifetime. As such, my passion is in influencing the mobile world in a beneficial way.

To get my blood pumping, I like to climb rocks, find peace through yoga, swim quickly and run as fast as my legs will let me. My ideal Saturday involves some reading, some ocean, and some delicious food.

If you are interesting in developing an app, feel free to reach out. I always enjoy discussing an app's feasibility over a good cup of coffee.