CS 190 Computer Science Design Project Fall 1999 A. Klinger

Feedback 1

Complete the statement with a letter from (a) through (m) representing your best knowledge.

  1. The purpose of this course is to:
    1. Obtain new and up-to-date designs using current computer technology.
    2. Train people in report writing and in speaking about design.
    3. Offer an opportunity to experience working in a group.

    1. Students' class presentations:
    1. Train people to speak about their own work using current computer aides like PowerPoint.
    2. Give a way for all to learn about interesting items in the technical literature.
    3. Explain things about the project to cause initial work to grow and benefit from comments.

    1. Every team member:

    1. Produces a program or procedure to contribute to a project.
    2. Devises a marketing strategy, researches the literature, or does hardware or software design.
    3. Contributes to two high-quality written project reports.

    4. Any project that is based on student-suggested ideas:

    (a) Starts with someone writing out an overall plan.

    (b) Combines several different descriptions of what will be done.

    (c) Has at least two people present the combined project description draft to instructor.

    5. Which are first three weeks objectives?

    1. Work Responsibility, Communicates
    2. Professional Development, Prepares - Pursues Goals
    3. Project Management Skill, Applies Computer Knowledge


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