Prof. Klinger and other CS Faculty are Emeritus: retired status; often with interests/activities outside the UCLA campus. Technical interests may include Consulting and Research.

An Emeritus professor has nothing to do with admissions, fees, and very likely has no support (funds). Invitation Letter

Admission to study for a degree such as a Masters or Ph.D. is handled by active (not Emeritus) faculty. So is award of scholarships, fellowships and teaching or research assistantships.

A visitor with faculty status in his/her home institution could be welcome, but needs to pay fees.

UCLA Faculty/Emeritus-Faculty as leading researchers receive many communications from people who wish to do research.

A meeting could establish how researchers and UCLA faculty would interact in a research relationship.

An institution may wish to contribute funds to assist visiting researchers or their future mentor.

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Physical resources - desks/offices - are limited. Department chair and dean administrators control their use. The School is currently managed by

JAYATHI Y. MURTHY| Ronald and Valerie Sugar Dean

Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science

University of California, Los Angeles

(310) 825-2938


Students at a distant location will need to contact the UCLA Graduate Division

Effective inquiries could cite specific papers and reasons you seek supervision by the person whom you've contacted.
Mention research interests, past publications (your, UCLA professor's), and topics you want to work on.

Formal work with a faculty member begins by gaining admission to UCLA.
Please see Computer Science Department links to undergraduate and graduate admissions.

Send your contact information in this form:

Allen KLINGER (given name in lower case, family name all caps) (Email)
UCLA 6514 Boelter (Postal, line 1)
L.A. CA 90095-1596 (Postal, line 2)
USA (Country)
310 794-5057 fax (Facsimile)
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Research Project Areas

Stochastic Control.

Random Models.

Image Analysis.

Biomedical Computing.

Human-Computer Interaction.
Computers in Education.

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All communications are to be your initiative.

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