Chapter 14

Networks, Randomness and Knowledge

(Data Structure Fundamentals and Basic Computing Concepts)

The changes brought about by computers continue to evolve through networking of remote systems via telecommunications, but most of all through creative software that takes advantage of the hardware infrastructure. Pointers or links, computer variables that take on the values of memory addresses are the basic tools behind that software. Some things enabled by pointers include fundamental remote-access software, e.g., telnet and ftp; the world wide web, and simple abbreviations used to take the place of extensive paths for locating computer files.

14.1 Software in Computer Networks

Pointers and the World Wide Web

14.2 Creativity and Algorithmic Expression

14.3 Pseudorandom Computer Experiments - the Monte Carlo Method

Chapter 15

Patterns in Data, Images and Language

15.1 Using Probability and Statistics

15.2 Criteria, Measures, Sets and Distances

15.3 Pattern Recognition Examples

15.4 Needs in Biomedical and Geophysical Pattern Processing