I wrote in 1997:

"The basic material needed to administer a multiple response test is the diagram portion of Figure 1, which draws upon communications from J. Bruno, for its version of the triangle image, and thirteen letter labels." For that visual please see Figure 1.

The above quotation is from my publication, "Experimental Validation of Learning Accomplishment" Proceedings of the Conference on Frontiers in Education, 1997, also published as UCLA CSD Technical Report Number 970019. The report version is Experiments.

For his contributions J. Bruno is gratefully acknowledged. A short summary of them follows.

J. Bruno put the response triangle into a form where a user could select among thirteen discrete choices. He consecutively labeled those choices alphabetically.

Acknowledgement of his contribution to my education in this area, and lists of relevant references and bibliographic citations, appear in the above web location representation of UCLA CSD Technical Report Number 970019, and the 1997 Proceedings paper of the same title.