1. When two quantities, say a and b, are compared, we write a is greater than b (or a is more than b) as: a > b . Which statement is true?

(a) 1/103 > 1/10-3 (b) 103 > 1/10-3 (c) 103 > 10-3

2. For the given pair of equations which is true about the variables x and y ?

2x + 3y = 2

6x + y = 12

(a) x and y have the same sign. (b) x and y are whole numbers. (c) x > y.

3. For the equation x2 + x - 1, solution values are:

(a) Odd. (b) Imaginary. (c) Irrational.

4. We write the logarithm of a number n to base 10 by "log n". Which statement is true?

(a) log ( n + m) = ( log n ) + ( log m ) (b) log ( n * m) = ( log n ) * ( log m )

(c) log ( n * m) = ( log n ) + ( log m )

5. There are exactly how many ways to arrange 5 things?

(a) 120 (b) 15 (c) 54

6. Select which of the following three statements describes good technical writing.

(a) It is always possible to use acronyms. (b) Acronyms should be followed somewhere in the text by the words represented. (c) Avoid acronyms in titles.

7. A method to compose a report from a prepared talk

(a) Writes out a description or commentary on the figures.

(b) Restates the figures in as much text as is needed. (c) Neither (a) nor (b).

8. A contemporaneous written record that is signed, dated and witnessed

(a) Can establish you on the track to management at a company.

(b) Allows others to get an idea of what you've been doing most of the time at work.

(c) Establishes your legal right to certain intellectual property.

9. Which of the following is the most important in practice?

(a) Time spent at the office. (b) Style of oral presentations. (c) Meeting deadlines.

10. The tasks in a project are:

(a) Each to be done by all. (b) To delimit the scope of the effort.

(c) Work items that are coordinated and that contribute to the final product.