Brief Biography

Allen Klinger is a Life Fellow of the IEEE - Institute of Electrical/Electronics Engineers. His Fellow status was conferred "For contributions to image processing by means of computers." He contributes to the work of the AMS - American Mathematics Society - via reviews they publish. He has been a member of AMS, SIAM - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics - and SPIE - Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers.

His achievements include degrees from Cooper Union, Caltech and UC Berkeley, service as Professor, Engineering and Applied Science at UCLA (prior posts as Assistant and Associate Prof.), and employment or consulting positions at Rand, Aerospace, JPL, World Bank and other organizations.

His three book publications, encyclopedia articles, and research papers cover many optic and image issues. He is specifically known for work in data structures and algorithms and human machine interaction. Telecommunications, image pattern recognition, and image databases are areas where he has worked, with government and scientific organizations. He has sustained an innovative career path for decades using art, abstraction, and activity to guide him in work with technical and nontechnical individuals.

Detailed Biography

Allen Klinger was born in New York City. He received the B.E.E., Cooper Union; an M.S. from California Institute of Technology, Pasadena; and his Ph.D. from University of California (UC), Berkeley. He is Professor, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Computer Science Department. Professor Klinger joined UCLA in 1967 in Engineering. Before then he was at Rand (Mathematics Dept.) working in Operations Research. He has been a consultant at the World Bank, IBM, and Aerospace. He started at Caltech as Graduate Tuition Scholar and Teaching Assistant; became Research Assistant at UC Berkeley; and worked for ITT Labs, System Development Corp., and Jet Propulsion Labs.

In academia he's been a Visiting Professor at University of Hawaii, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, and conducted a short course at the University of London. National Research Council awards supported visits Russia and Ukraine. He was a Fulbright Fellow, Indian Institute of Technology, Poway India. He is a founding member of UCLA's Computer Science Department. He served the engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi, as District Director and Chapter Advisor. He was Visiting Associate in Electrical Engineering, Caltech, 1994.

He gave five talks as invited speaker, Workshop on Image Processing and Related Mathematical Problems, Institute of Imaging and Computer Graphics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou China May 2004. He lectured at the School of Computer Science, Linyi University, Shandong, China, in 2009.

He was a Rand consultant on Computer Science Research in Language Processing. At the World Bank he did Operations Research planning on India's rail network. For the Los Angeles Unified School District, Long Beach Memorial and Gateways Hospitals, and Space Computer Corporation, his consulting activities were on different aspects of Pattern Recognition.

Professor Klinger has been consulted by legal firms as an expert witness. His cases include a major patent issue of contention between Qualcomm and Motorola. He managed investigation of computer system billing fraud at a medical practice.

He has published widely on image analysis, pattern recognition and optimization, concerning application of mathematical methods to image analysis by computer, items spanning a period of over forty years. His scholarly efforts include two co-edited books, Data Structures, Computer Graphics, and Pattern Recognition, and Structured Computer Vision, another he edited alone, Human Machine Interactive Systems, and an encyclopedia article regarding data structures and algorithms.

He served on Academic Senate Committees at UCLA (Educational Policy, Teaching, Library), School of Engineering Executive Committee, Committee, and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Data Processing and Telecommunications Advisory Committee.

Prof. Klinger is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the IEEE. He is a past member of SPIE, the International Society for Optics and Photonics, AMS, the American Mathematical Society, and SIAM, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. He is a member of the honor societies Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu. He has been a participant in committee meetings of the National Science Foundation, National Academy of Science, and the Office of Science and Technology Policy of the U.S. President.
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