The Main Universities with Computer Specialty in China

[Table is adapted from a PRC document. Formatting to be added.]


Sichuan University_______________________________Chengdu, Sichuan Province_____ ___________Computer Software

Zhongshan University ____________________________Guangzhou, Guangdong Province_____________D Computer Science

Fudan University_________________________________Shanghai_______________ ___ ____________D Computer Science

Nanjing University________________________________Nanjing, Jiangsu Province __________________D Computer Science

Beijing University_________________________________Beijing ________________________________D Computer Science

Jilin University___________________________________Changchun, Jilin Province Computer Software & Architecture

Xian Jiao-Tong University Xian, Shanxi Province ___________________D Electronic Engineering

Electronic Computer

Huazhong Institute Wuhan, Hubei Province D Computer Science

of Technology

Huanan Institute Guangzhou, Guangdon Province D Electronic Computer

of Technology

Najing Institute Nanjing, Jiangsu Province D Computer Engineering

of Technology

Zhejiang University Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province D Computer Science and Engineering

China University of Hefei, Anhui Province D Radio Electronics

Science & Technology

Tsinghua University Beijing D Computer Engineering

Southwestern Jiao-Tong Emei, Sichuan Province D Radio Electronics

University (Electronic Computer)

Shanghai Teachers Shanghai D Computer Science


Beijing Institute of Beijing D Computer Science and Aeronautics and Engineering


Northwestern Xian, Shanxi Province Electronic Computer

Polytechnical University

Chengdu Institute Chengdu, Sichuan Province D Computer

of Radio Engineering

Northwest Xian, Shanxi Province D Electronic Computer


Engineering Institute

Beijing Institute of Beijing D Electronic Computer

Technology Science and Technology

Shanghai Jiao-Tong Shanghai D Electronic Engineering

University Computer Science

Haerbin Polytechnical Haerbin, Heilongjiang Province D Computer Science and University Engineering

Tianjing University Tianjing D Computer