Sources and Credits

7/16/1999 Version

The pyramid geometry problem is from the book Learning Mathematics by Robert B. Davis, published in 1984 by Ablex Publishing Corporation, New Jersey. It was contributed by William Duke. Graphics were drawn by Gavin Wu. The pup tent explanation is Steven Young's.

Decomposing a cube is from the book Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis by T. L. Naps, published in 2nd Edition, in 1992 by West Publishing Co., St. Paul, Minnesota. On p. 50, prob. 4, the problem is attributed to the book Introduction Arithmetica by Nicomachus, written in the first century A.D.

For detailed credits for drawings, including the cartoons by Gavin Wu, please click Drawing Credits .

Many aspects of the computing and mathematics represented here were taught to me in different ways over the years. I wish to thank Prof. David Cantor, Eskandar Ensafi, Byron Darrah, Prof. Dan Berry, and my students, for example Mounitra Chatterji, Ngoc Thithanh Duong, and many others. I also want to mention the freedom given me at The Cooper Union by Prof. Leroy Buckingham, the friendly memory of that by Dr. Robert J. Heilen, an appreciation of the written word engendered in me at Caltech by Prof. Hallet Smith, and of mathematical concepts, small symbols, and sustained proof also started there by Prof. Tom Apostol, and my UC Berkeley teachers, most of all Prof. Eugene Wong.