Formal and Informal Education
Engineering and science education to degrees from Cooper Union (B.E.E.), California Institute of Technology (M.S.), and University of California (Berkeley; Ph.D.). Professor, Engineering and Applied Science, UCLA.

Classes taken: Columbia University, University of Southern California, Beverly Hills Adult School, Venice Japanese Community Center.

Courses taught: UCLA Extension, University of Hawaii, Kings College (London).
Words About Education
A Continuing Process Plutarch Light

Assessing Learning Accomplished

Logarithmic Scoring - Admissible, Subjective Probability
Three Answers, a, b, c;
Exact-, Partial-, No-Knowledge Responses:
Partial, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l;
Know Nothing: m
Experimental Validation of Learning Accomplishment ->

Frontiers in Education, 1997

Used in Many Courses - College (below), Extension, Graduate

UCLA Math 2 Course - Mathematics for Non-Majors - Introductory Quiz
Five secondary (high) school questions:
a > b involving powers of 10 log to base 10
two simultaneous linear equations in 2 unknowns a quadratic equation
permuting 5 objects
Post-quiz discussion
Student: Where did you get those questions? Reply: Just high school math. Student: Not in my high school!

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