Hints for a Project Report



History — How TeamGot to This Point


Promise — What You Intend to Do

Excuses — Limitations Learned

Overview — Entire Approach

Describe — How It Functions

Detail — Specifics Chosen


Figure 6. Project Reporting

Work Statement

Original Draft

Short Version

I currently have two tasks in the group project. The first task that I have is to figure learn how to write CGI scripts in PERL and then write a separate test script. The CGI scripts will process the information tutoring information sent over the web. The second task I am doing for the project is to conduct a survey for the tutors at College Tutorials. The survey will gather information about what the tutors think are the current strengths and weakness of the enrollment system. The information gathered will be used to guide us in the design of our project.

To create a CGI script in Perl to process tutoring information sent over the web. Second, to conduct a survey on tutors’ opinions of strengths and weakness of the current enrollment system.







Add Items



Focus is on a person, not the work.

Tabulation of survey results.

Preparation of a table covering the following aspects:

… , … , and … .

Explicitly state varieties of tutoring information (e.g., "Scheduling, … , … etc.")

Figure 11. Concise Writing Leads to Further Content