<H2><B>Global Issues</B></H2>
9/22/99 Version

Global Issues

Global warming, weather patterns, population, housing, transportation, and many other issues are both amenable to computer models (sometimes called simulations) and fertile ground for student projects. This item begins by listing some readings that could support brainstorming to generate such a project.

National Geographic - Global Culture, Aug. 1999 [Six articles including: "A World Together," Erla Zwingle; "Vanishing Cultures," Wade Davis; "The Power of Writing," Joel L. Swerdlow].

International Collaboration in Computer Science and Engineering

"As The World Burns," Chuck Sudetic, Rolling Stone, Sept. 2, 1999, ff. p. 97.

"The Death Row Raiders - When You Take David Protess' Course, You Get One Credit Plus A Chance To Save The Life Of An Unjustly Condemned Prisoner," Sasha Abramsky, Rolling Stone, Oct. 14, 1999, ff. p. 91.

"Notes From The Virus Underground - Computer Viruses Are The Terrorist Threat Of The Digital Age. The Inside Story Of Who Creates Them And Why," Kim Neely, Rolling Stone, Sept. 16, 1999, ff. p. 65.