How Large?
How Large?

Allen Klinger, © 1/22/2007

The value 4700063497 also could be written 4,700,063,497. In words it would be four billion seven hundred million sixty-three thousand four hundred ninety seven. In scientific notation it becomes 4.700063497*109.

In comparison with four-billion, the second value, 63130707451134435989380140059866138830623361447484274774099906755, is enormous. In fact, since the approximate scientific notation is 6.31307074511344*1064, this value is 1055 times as large.

The value 8365386194032363 becomes 8,365,386,194,032,363 or approximately 8.36539*1015.

The value 3468371109448915 could be written 3,468,371,109,448,915 or approximately 3.46837*1015.

The value 10991007971508067 or 10,991,007,971,508,067 is, approximately, 1.0991*1016.


1. Why do three of these numbers occur near 1015?

2. Why are there no such values until over four billion?

3. Are there any values between 4*109 and 1015?

4. What is the number of such values up to the largest one as yet found?

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