Image Analysis

Allen Klinger is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers "for image processing by means of computers."

His contributions include originating and describing four-way decomposition of images. He did this by presenting the paper "Data Structures and Pattern Recognition," to the First International Joint Conference on Pattern Recognition, Washington, D. C. The paper may be found in an IEEE publication of the conference proceedings: 73CHO821-9C, 497-498, October 1973.

Subsequent to the Washington D.C. meeting thousands of papers, numerous books, and many patents have been put forth on that theme in a research area currently known as quadtrees.

At a workshop Azriel Rosenfeld introduced Allen Klinger as "the father of quadtrees." The workshop led to publication of the book Multi-resolution Image Processing and Analysis, by Springer-Verlag. Rosenfeld was the chairman of the meeting and editor of the 1984 volume.

Allen Klinger has been concerned with the non-mathematical nature of visual representation since his days as a Ph.D. student at the University of California, Berkeley. In part this was due to his friendships with non-engineer students at the Cooper Union, New York NY. Art students there and general interests led him to consider such issues as minimal and maximal visual representations.
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