What is the text? This question is to be answered by enrolled students, not by the instructor, simply because we are all different. Some people need to know more about writing a technical report. Others need information about a specific computer language, giving effective presentations, creating a marketing plan.

How should work be divided? Plan on putting about two thirds of your effort into the project. Be aware that many things you will do in the other one third will be used, often as first drafts, in your project and the presentations about it.

What reporting is required? Everyone has to maintain a notebook that is witnessed at least weekly (signed and dated by another class participant). Everyone has to record the reading done and the reaction pieces written, and a summary of that work is collected during the eighth week of the term..

Can I change goals? You must submit specific texts you will read and goals to achieve on a benchmark or milestone basis. (A minimum of three key goals; five or more in many cases.) That submission is due at the end of class Thursday April 6. The progress you make can lead to redefining the goals. Simply submit a revision of the April 6 item.

- Allen Klinger, 3/31/99 15:30