CS 190 Computer Science Design Project Fall 1998

A. Klinger 3531-H Boelter (3532-J Mail) M-W 10-11:50 AM 1003 Moore

10/3/98 Version

Instructor's Interests

  1. Vector Optima: Maximizing a scalar is not the only optimum of practical interest. A monograph in Economics titled Portfolio Selection motivates this project area.
  2. Best Control: (A regulator is a physical control example.) Real systems that change over time: oil refineries, chemical processes, space systems require best control.
  3. Education Tools: Interactive scripts (graduates preferred). Undergraduates can contribute by building a web map.
  4. City Planning: Use computers to change human access re daily or occasional interaction with government, utilities, transportation, or recreation agencies/entities.
  5. Mathematics: Expand online modules for number base and Pythagorean theorem.



Converse of the Pythagorean theorem. Devlin, Keith, Mathematics: The Science of Patterns. (The Search for Order in Life, Mind, and the Universe), NY: Scientific American Library, Division of HPHLP, 1994, p. 111.