(2-12-99 Version)

Computer Science Design Project Interim Report

In the beginning of the fifth week (half way through the term) an interim project report becomes due. This is a written document composed by all the participants in a group project. It should be a draft that indicates what your final group written project report will cover, look like, or describe.

While some group may have just begun getting to work, others can have designed some parts in detail, or fixed on an overall approach. The interim report should represent the work done. It need not describe possible directions but it can include sections that are going to be done in the following weeks.

Any item that is submitted to the instructor as an interim report should be carefully thought out, checked by all the project team participants, and be as free as humanly possible of spelling and fundamental grammatical errors. It should include figures with clear captions, section headings and topic sentences. It can include a reference list.

Each team will only have one opportunity to have an interim report reviewed by the instructor.