Jon Patrick Chua
CS 190

Confidential Letter

Professor Klinger,
I will make this brief, as I donít have too much to say.  Let me just say that this was a very enjoyable class.  My group was very enjoyable to work with.  Jaime and Souheil handled their responsibilities very well.  I also liked the class as a whole.  The other groups, instead of competing against each other, helped everybody else out with great comments and insights on how to make the projects better.  I wish all classes were like that. 
As for the product we created, I enjoyed creating something that will most likely be used by many UCLA students in the years to come.  I came into this course wanting to create something not just for the sake of making a project for myself, but rather, I wanted something that people could actually use.  I hope that this addressbook/datebook combination does get some use in the future.