Introducing Computers

How should pre-school and K-12 grade students be introduced to computers? Familiarizing them with binary, octal and hexadecimal notation is one possible approach.

Here are a few links:
Fundamental Concepts Numbers: Words, Images and Concepts
(for young students) and much other material about testing knowledge of basic concepts, especially those used in mathematics and computer science. The other two sections there are equally initial-work; but both have been translated into Spanish and are reachable in that language.

Both of the other main pointers are to CS 199 project work. Math For Girls was written by Dorene Lau: it introduces four mathematical concepts and excerpts biographical material about females who work with math. The second, Numbers and Computers was written by Navid Aghdaie about number representation. By extending thinking beyond decimal representation that item ties together how computers represent colors with more traditional exposition about number bases (binary, octal, hexadecimal) and conversion between different systems of numeric representation.

Fundamental Concepts

Math for Girls

Numbers and Computers

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