Sun, 20 Sep 1998

Procedures - UCLA CS&E Multimedia Lab

To use the Multimedia Lab e-mail a proposal specifying:

1. What it is that you want to do; and,

2. Why you feel the Lab's equipment is appropriate.

to Larry Lichten <lichten@CS.UCLA.EDU> .

When the proposal is approved swipe key lab access is possible (see Natalie

Rosentsweig 4732 BH, 825-3886; deposit required).

See Pete Follett <> 3413 BH, 825-2145 to get NT account.

Students' responsibilities:

1. Maintaining the Lab (e.g., not installing own software, not de-installing other software, cleaning up both the computer and the room after themselves, insuring security of the room), and

2. Writing a short report when the work is completed.