Knowledge and Information Technology - Areas and Background

Allen Klinger

UCLA 3531-H Boelter Hall 310 825-7695

Los Angeles CA 90095-1596 310 825-7578 fax Campus 159610

Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary - Fields of Work.

Electric Circuits, Electronics and Solid State Devices Electric Machines, Power and Transmission Theater Arts Mathematics
Physics Computer Systems Economics Control Systems
Statistics, Pattern Analysis, Clustering, Recognition Operations Research, Systems Analysis Management Biomedical
Linguistics History Communications Graphic Arts

Knowledge Organization - Candidate Categories

Symbols, Signs, Languages Quantitative Reasoning Anthropology, History, and Political Science Physical and Holistic Healing

Information Technology - Areas of Expertise

Computational Methods Algorithms and Data Structures Image Data Data Telecommunications
Speech Computer-Communication User Interfaces Computer Education Computer Design Projects