Technology and Technical Awareness

Keeping abreast of computer technology as rapid change takes place means many things. To be aware of current trends visit Information Technology. Awareness alone is a start. Many technically-aware people are also thinking about applying what exists and will soon be available to solve problems, meet needs, and develop products. They read widely in government and commercial publications. Many official and semi-official periodicals list opportunities to obtain funding, or the nature of new awards (see, e.g., the federal government's publication and web site Commerce Business Daily known by the CBD abbreviation).

Complete four-page National Institute of Standards and Technology publications Technology AT A GLANCE are available at: NIST Research for Industry Spring 2001 and NIST Research for Industry Fall 2001. (The National Institute of Standards and Technology, abbreviated NIST, is part of the federal government, within the U.S. Department of Commerce. Articles in that and other government publications have starting points for team projects and opportunities to seek further information (e.g., by electronic mail to the author of such items).

A. Become and remain aware. Select and read one or two articles from items listed in the following table.

Projects Digital Cinema Small Accelerometers Data Transfer
Periodicals Red Herring PC World Dr. Dobbs Journal EE Times

B. Develop skill at thinking about new technology. Use one of the three topics listed above in the first row, or something else published by NIST or CBD to propose a work project.

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