Computer Science Design Project Course Objectives

This overview describes the learning objectives from participating fully in an eleven week course. Put simply, these are the things that are valued, stressed, explained, and rewarded by the grading system. The latter combines group and individual measurements of activity and accomplishment.

By its nature work is something we do for pay. But the exact nature of that is different depending on individuals, organizations, and specific situations [think of a soldier in combat: Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, Mahatma (Mohandas Karamchand) Gandhi were individuals not paid in financial ways for what they did]. The most important thing this course stresses is that it is up to each of us to find ways to work responsibly.

Doing the course should further individuals' professional development. One single thing stands as the key to this. It is learning (by doing) to communicate with others.

Seeking out information clearly aids in professional development. It helps support communicating: one can always tell others what one has learned.

The most effective uses of common time and the greatest impact from ideas and knowledge come from preparation. Use of computer tools, composing visual aides, developing figures, carefull choice of titles, thoughtful outlines, and efforts put into writing position papers, and composing critiques, are some ways that occurs.

Here are some other course objectives listed in a terse fashion: