Course Enrollment Questionaire

5/14/1999 Version

1 What is your main reason for enrolling in the CS 190 Computer Science Design Project course?

2 What is your academic and employment situation? Graduate This Quarter Half-Time Employee Actively Interviewing
Please check all that apply. If working half-time: twenty work hours per week, or longer; check the half-time box.

3 Do you regularly access email or use a web browser? Both. Email only. Neither.

4 Do you have any project topic(s) you would like to share with fellow students?

Please identify yourself

5 Enter your full name in last-(family)-first order

6 Enter your preferred first name or nickname

7 Indicate your graduation date (at the end of)
This Quarter, Next Quarter, Three Quarters, Four Quarters, Not Sure

8 Enter your e-mail address

9 or

Last update: May 14, 1999. This page authored by Allen Klinger It was adapted from one written to demonstrate use of forms by Robert T. H. Alden IEEE Questionairre