Guidelines for Rating Projects

This ten point checklist can be used for rewriting your own project as well as rating/voting for the final project presentations (work done for written reports is usually reflected in talks). Before submitting a report you may have group members compile an average score on a zero through ten scale by each rating zero to one for each point, summing, and computing the mean.

_______ 1. How Professional is the Report? Is the writing clear? Does the report cover an overall subject

thoroughly and completely. Are the achievements understandable? Have they been placed in the context of the state of their field?

_______ 2. Outline and Contents Did the report convey an overall objective? Was one specified through an

outline or contents listing sections? Did main section headings' text begin with topic sentences?

_______ 3. Clarity Do you rate the overall writing as clear ... or vague?

_______ 4. Convincing, Achieving, Supporting Appendices Was the work done convincing? Did it convey

substance with the claims? Were programs supported by sample runs, presented in an appendix, described in text? Were there tables, graphs, or figures? Were analytic derivations presented?

_______ 5. Coherence Was there enough detail in each part to convey what was done? Did the partners build a unit seen by people outside as a single entity?

_______ 6. Project Utility Was the work oriented to creating a useful product? Did you get the impression

that the project moved the product closer to reality?

_______ 7. Programming, Analysis, Hardware Design Did the report describe steps taken to arrive at an

actual computer program or group of subroutines, analytical investigation, or hardware design? What decisions did the project participants make? How did they support/justify them?

_______ 8. Were Figures Used; Are They Complete? If there were figures, were they self-contained. Did

figures contain citations to work by others? Were there accurate titles present? Were keys used?

_______ 9. Presentation Methods Could report figures be used for a presentation on what the project

accomplished, prototyped, validated, analyzed, or designed?

_______ 10. Excellence Did the project participants work to create an outstanding product?

_______ TOTAL