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The following material is one student's response. It provides links URLs to major institutions in the art world selected by the instructor. It also answers the question asked of those in the Fall 2002 UCLA graduate course CS276A Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence about the existence of other poem-inspired visual art than the painting by Demuth.



NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art

LA county museum of art

Art Inst of Chicago

Romare BeadenŐs collage portrays the climax of The Odyssey, an epic poem by the ancient

Greek author  known as Homer.


Nat Gallery Washington

The Photograph by Julia Margaret Cameron

 The Mountain Nymph, wide-eyed, startledand caught in perpetuity 's camera.

 Inspired by Milton's poem, "Mountain Nymph, Sweet Liberty,"


Phillips Collection Washington

Museum of Modern Art, NY

Norton Simon  Pasadena

Louvre, Paris

Tate Gallery


Museum Modern Art Bilbao (down) 10/25/02 Version